Crazy Week Coming

Aug 5, 2011
So I thought it would be cool to have Rosy write something for this blog. Just her idea. Whatever she wanted. Well, that didn't go so well. As soon as I suggested it, she was worried about the boys at school finding out about her ADHD, and teasing her. Well, I have made this somewhat anonymous, even though most of my friends know about it. I don't see how they would find out, unless their parents were unkind enough to share the info.

So, I am left to posting again, and don't know what to post about. Other than it is going to be a crazy week, next week. I have work almost every day, and the kids are both in camp. Rosy is really looking forward to another week at the camp that she went to in July, and Flash is going to soccer camp. Flash is super excited, since it is British coaches coming over to teach them, all things soccer. He loves the sport, and is doing really well on his team. They are the underdogs, and are losing a lot of games, but you can tell they are learning to play as a team. It's great to watch.

Rosy is now on 15mg of Addarall, and it seems to be okay. She still has times where she cries about not getting what she wants, but I prefer that over throwing a major tantrum and hitting me, or throwing things. She is doing something funny, that I have never noticed before. When she picks cards off the pile in SkipBo, she counts them as she is taking them, and then counting them again. Funny in a good way, and something she didn't do before. At least she is making sure she is getting the right number of cards. I'm just glad that the meds are helping her. Makes for a less stressful summer.

So I did have a couple of things to talk about. But now I must go and get some ice cream (shouldn't really, but I Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I'm glad to hear that she's doing so well.

  1. Chris said...:

    @Apples and Autobots
    Thank you! She has her days where she does well, but just as many where she is not doing as well. Oh well, it's a work in progress, and a day at a time!

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