New week, new schedule (maybe?)

Sep 29, 2011
So I got side tracked! Sorry!! Been so busy with the kids and work, that I didn't make time to post here. I would think about it, and then get doing something, and completely forget to post here. Some days I wonder, if I have ADHD?

Oh look, chipmunk on my deck.......LOL

Okay, not really. Not going to get sidetracked today. I'm quite please with Rosy's progress so far (in school). She is focused and staying on task, and is getting her homework done (there hasn't been much, thankfully). She is working on her dream board this week (it's due tomorrow). It's looking great! I think I will take a picture of it and post it on here for all to see. She was going to have a house (well mansion actually) that she wanted to own, and stuff like that, but has now changed it to what she wants to do in the future. A couple of jobs, and where she wants to travel, and do while she's travelling. I have never talked about it, but she wants to tour around Europe and check out castles, and that's what I have always wanted to do. Maybe we will have to do that when she gets a little older? I'm pleased that she is excited about this homework, and it will be fun to see how she finishes it tonight after school.

In terms of her ADHD, she still has a bit of an attitude in the evenings, if things aren't going her way. I saw her doctor last night, and she didn't really focus on the possibility of PDD-NOS (as the report says mild), so we talked about that a little. The doctor still feels she is just ADHD, and doesn't see the PDD-NOS. I have to check with the psychologist on that one. The doctor did prescribe Risperdal (small amount after school), and said that I could use it, or not. I'm planning on researching it a bit first and praying about it too. I will post more about it, when I get the chance to research (not planning on that today, as there isn't a rush).

So now, it's on to setting up a little bit of a schedule for myself. I really need to schedule my days better. Organization for someone else is fine, I can't organize myself! I want to spend more time in the Word, and in prayer, and then make sure to have time everyday for support stuff for YouVersion (something I'm going to do right after this posting). I found a blog about organizing stuff, and I think I'm going to spend a little time on it, seeing if there are any ideas for me there. The blog is: IHeart Organizing Maybe I can find stuff for Rosy there too. I really should search for organizational tools for kids with ADHD. Her room is much better, but it's getting her to stay on top of it and such.

Anyway, this is getting long. Post soon!


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