Awards and Garage Sales

Jun 18, 2011
I mentioned that Rosy was getting an award. She got it yesterday at school. They have a Positive People Assembly a couple of times a year, and when the child get's an award they don't know about it until the assembly. Parents are called ahead of time, so that they can show up and be there to see their child receive an award. For two weeks I kept the award a secret! Rosy was thrilled to see us there, and assumed that her brother was getting an award (sad, but true). She was equally thrilled with getting her award! The award was for Personal Responsibility. The teacher told me that she was receiving it for how well she did in the last month. I am very proud of her! Sad part is the video that hubby tried to take didn't work! Oh well, I have the memory!

Okay, is it true that ADHD kids are pack rats? I know mine is anyway! We had a garage sale this morning, and I told Rosy that if she sold some things of hers that she was not reading or playing with, that we could get more books for her Kobo. Well, nope, she was not selling anything. "But I'm going to read those books," she said! Yeah, when?? Not something to fight over, but very frustrating! Her brother was the complete opposite and brought a ton of things down to the sale, and managed to sell about $26 worth of stuff. Money for him, since he stood out there and sold it.

So now it's quiet in the house, and I'm writing this blog. Gotta like it when hubby takes one out and the other is playing with a friend outside. I should get some things done around here. Have a great day everyone!


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