I Hate School Projects!

Apr 25, 2011
Especially the kinds where some of the other parents help out (and do most of the project for their child). My dd has to make a eco-friendly house. Turns out we had to get an extension (for more than one reason), so I was very proud of her, when she got working on it Wednesday night and again on Thursday night. We have Rokenbok building sets here, so I suggested she use them. I showed her the basic idea of building her house, and when I came back down to check on her, she had changed the design and built a three story house.

So I shouldn't really hate the project, since I haven't done much. Well, then comes yesterday and we find out that she needs to do a paragraph detailing the eco-friendly items that would be used in her house. Oh and also she needs to draw a blueprint of the house (this is grade 5 right???). So I had a trip to make today and she went to visit a friend. She brought some of her toys with her as well. We got home, and I told her that she needed to do the blueprint and I would go over her paragraph and correct it for her, so she could write it out neatly.

Can you guess what happened next?? Taking the toys with her was not a great idea, because she left a small bunny at her friend's house, and that is "crucial" to this project all of a sudden. She tells me that we have to go back and get her bunny and then she will do the work. I told her no, we could get it later, or the friend could bring it to school in the morning. Well no this was not good enough. She kept telling me that she needed it. I stood my ground and told her we would get it after her work was completed. Well, she got the blueprint done, and then told me that we had to get the bunny. I told her no, she would have to deal with the paragraph first. Well, she brought it to me, and I went to start correcting it, and some of the points she had with it. Well she got angry about me correcting the points and she proceeded to rip up the paper! Oh the joys! So now she is crying, and I have told her we are not going to get the bunny till the work is done. She has been slamming stuff around too.

All this in under an hour, and I'm done! Hubby is probably on his way home, and he can then deal with this. I am going to lose it on her, and that wouldn't be good either.

May 4th seems so far away....


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