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Apr 28, 2011
I figured I would post the symptoms of ADHD, PDD-NOS and sexual abuse. I was curious as to what dd fit, and what she didn't. Also I've been wondering if there are similar symptoms for each. I am going to bold all the ones that dd fits on this.

Here we go: ADHD

Predominantly inattentive type symptoms may include:[30]
  • Be easily distracted, miss details, forget things, and frequently switch from one activity to another
  • Have difficulty maintaining focus on one task
  • Become bored with a task after only a few minutes, unless doing something enjoyable
  • Have difficulty focusing attention on organizing and completing a task or learning something new or trouble completing or turning in homework assignments, often losing things (e.g., pencils, toys, assignments) needed to complete tasks or activities
  • Not seem to listen when spoken to
  • Daydream, become easily confused, and move slowly
  • Have difficulty processing information as quickly and accurately as others
  • Struggle to follow instructions.
Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type symptoms may include:[30]
  • Fidget and squirm in their seats
  • Talk nonstop
  • Dash around, touching or playing with anything and everything in sight
  • Have trouble sitting still during dinner, school, and story time
  • Be constantly in motion
  • Have difficulty doing quiet tasks or activities. - She doesn't seem to fit any of these, except this one on occasion.
and also these manifestations primarily of impulsivity:[30]
  • Be very impatient
  • Blurt out inappropriate comments, show their emotions without restraint, and act without regard for consequences
  • Have difficulty waiting for things they want or waiting their turns in games

I think I will do a new post for PDD-NOS. Have to search for it though, as there aren't a lot of sites that have a list like the one above.


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