New Beginnings

Apr 23, 2011
I'm a mom to two great kids (and I'm not biased at How to begin this is going to be the hard part. hmmm

Well, let's see might as well talk about my daughter, as she is the subject of this blog. She is 10 years old and will be 11 later this year. We are in the midst of having her tested. The psychologist is leaning towards PDD-NOS and also ADHD. We will have the report on May 4th (I'm so looking forward to finding out what the diagnosis is, so that we can get her the help that she needs). There is one problem with all this though, is that I don't know if the "symptoms" she is displaying has to do with these disorders, or that fact that she was sexually assaulted by a friend's son (something that is hard to write still).

My mom said the other day, that maybe the assault was (in a sense) a good thing, because it helped us get some counseling which led to us getting her tested. She is not autistic and not aspergers, so PDD-NOS is the possibility, but then again it could be stemming from the assault. She doesn't interact well with her peers at all, and is not "mature" like they are, so she doesn't really have any friends.

Okay, so I am all over the place. Let's get going on what has been happening over the last year an a half, and maybe that will help.

Oct. 2009 - My daughter went to school quite normally that morning. She had her good days and bad, like most kids. I got a phone call from her teacher to come in and talk with her at the end of the day. I went in, and was able to send my son home with our neighbour (good thing). My dd and I sat down with the teacher and she told me that my dd had told a friend and two teachers (cause the friend was caring enough to tell the yard teacher) that she had been assaulted by a friend's son. WOW what a thing to find out! Tears, anger, frustration, shock, dismay are just a few emotions that I went through. CAS had to come out that evening, and that started the long process of talking to the police and going to court. Court was crazy, as we had to go twice (another long story). That part is now in the past and it is time to get on with all the other things.

During the past year and a bit we have been taking dd to counseling and trying to continue on with life. Things began to become more apparent that we needed her tested, just to see what was going on inside. Outbursts of anger, not listening (more so than a normal kid her age), acting like an animal when it's not appropriate to do so, baby talk at inappropriate times, and other things too. Her peer relationships were not good, and she loves to hug kids, when they don't want to be hugged (getting into someone's space is not a good way to make/keep friends). Now I understand that some of these things are also related to having being abused, but it is sometimes way over the top. When you look at what the teachers have to say on the questionnaires about how she acts in class and interacts too, it's apparent that there is something else that we need to look at, so testing began about two months ago.

I don't know if this will be a good thing to do, but I figured I am going to try this out. I need a place to talk about what is going on, and I'm hoping this may serve to help other parents out there!

I hope to post more about our daily life, and the issues that we deal with. Maybe this will help someone else out there!


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