Another week of summer...

Jul 25, 2011
Well here it is, another week of summer. Today went pretty well. Rosy did get quite upset about a kid who was over playing with Flash. She blamed him for something, that he may or may not have done (of course, I was not in the room at the time). I was able to calm her down, but it was still hard to watch her get so teary eyed, and get so frustrated.

My problem now, is deciding about changing the meds. Well, we have to refill her prescription, or get her the other meds. That's something I need to decide quickly (4 more pills left). I'm still working out my prayer life. Some days I will pray, and some days, I seem to forget, or just don't. So I think this is something I need to pray about with hubby and I need to email the doctor again, to get her input on this. I'll let you know how that goes.

I'm still finding some issues with negativity too. Is that her, or is it the meds, or is it something else? Ugh...this is tough. Thankfully I have a friend who's son is ADHD, and so we chat about it a lot. It's been a real help. I really think an ADHD support group is needed in my area, but need to find out more info on how to start one. Another thing for my list of things to do.

Flash is now acting out a lot more too. I think he has seen his sister get away with things (cause I finally gave up - I didn't want to fight her anymore), and so he thinks he can get away with similar things. Oh the joys! He's learning the hard way, that we won't give in to him, and he doesn't like it. lol

So tomorrow is a new day, and I will pray and email the doctor, and just go where God leads me. I hope you are all having a good week so far. Will post more soon!


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