People with ADHD are different, but still...

Jul 30, 2011
So to promote special needs a great site has been started, and Saturday's are filled with postings about special needs kids.

Check out the Special Saturday website!

Taken from the about page of their site:

So what is Special Saturday?
Special Saturday is a group of people who want to raise awareness about children and adults with special needs. We aim to do this by devoting every Saturday to informing and spreading the news to as many people globally as we can about both the difficulties we face raising our children or by having special needs AND how amazing our special children are including their achievements.

This Saturday we are to either do a blog post, or tweet "People with ... are different, but still ..." I decided to add a post to my blog.

So, here goes. Children with ADHD/PDD-NOS are different, but still are children, like any others. I know my daughter can be strange when she acts like an animal when it isn't really called for. She can focus on one thing for a very long time (orca's have been her favourite animal since she was 2 years old). Her mind can wander and she may not pay attention when you need her too. School work is sometimes more difficult for her, because her memory doesn't work the way other kid's memories do. She doesn't really have any friends, because she doesn't act like her peers. Her anger can be worst than any adult I have ever seen. She can throw things, and scream and call me names, but she is still an 11 year old girl.

My daughter loves to have her nails done, and will sit quite still for that. My daughter loves books and movies, and can read for hours at a time. She loves having her hair done, and checking out the latest fashions. Rosy has a crush on a boy (well many actually, including Justin Bieber). She can kick your butt at some of the board games we have too. Rosy would be an awesome best friend, if someone would be there for her too (and not tease her when her back is turned). Watch out, cause she can pretend like no other (writing or play acting stories all the time). She has dreams to be a vet, or marine biologist, or an actress one day. Seems to me that she is very similar to most 11 year old girls out there! Just give her a chance to show how she can love like you can, play like you can, and pretend like you can. Yes, she is different in some ways, but she is the same in many others!

*This post was written as a part of SPECIAL SATURDAY which promotes awareness of special needs. Check it out on Facebook – Spec-sat bloggers, and on Twitter @SpecSat using the hastag #specialsaturday.


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