Will She Sleep?

Jul 29, 2011
Rosy had an awesome day and was able to play a game with us in the evening, and didn't have any issues. Evening time can be rough with her getting either really wired, or negative about everything. We played Life Twists and Turns (great, cause you don't have to keep track of the money), and Rosy won! I then asked her to take her bunny out and she had no problem with that and took him outside. Usually she says, no, or starts to get upset because she wants to play with her Barbie's or something. Tonight she was great, and said, "okay Mom," and got right to it.

So now the question is, will she get to sleep in better time than the last few nights? I'm hoping so. I have to get up there and see if the light is on or not. Off to do that now, but did you notice???...

Two posts in one day! I'm working on this! I would love to post here a little more often, and maybe get some posts about what we are dealing with, as well as some stuff about ADHD, etc. That's my plan anyway. I also hope to do a study of the Bible, and post my thoughts here too. Just have to figure out which study to do, and go from there.

Well, off to check on the light situation, and have a relaxing evening with hubby! Good night all!


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