Timely Doctor Appointment

Jul 13, 2011

So, I have been waiting to get a phone call from the doctor’s office, as I was on the cancelation list. Monday morning, I got the call! YAY! They had a cancellation that day, and would I be interested in bringing Rosy in at 4:30pm. Of course I was! I was going to email the doctor that morning, but this was much easier and better. I okayed the appointment and then took Rosy to her first day of camp…

She started a camp that is geared for special needs kids on Monday. I was kinda concerned, because she was probably going to be one of a few high functioning kids, and the rest would be more “serious” than her (like down syndrome, and non-verbal autistic). I was glad she was going, because getting exposure to kids that are, hmmm how to put it…. well I can’t figure that one, cause I don’t want to offend anyone! I’m just glad she was seeing other kids, and was going to be able to probably make friends (“normal” kids don’t like her anyway). She has been having a blast! There are lots of counsellors, and only a few kids, so she is getting lots of attention. I’m just so happy. The kids all seem great, and the counsellors seem awesome too.

Anyway, back to the appointment, that was perfectly timed. I had a friend take Flash for a bit (hubby was to pick him up after he finished work), and I headed to the appointment with Rosy. The doctor was on time this time, and we only had to wait about 10 min. No biggie. We talked about the tears, and the lack of sleep. Dr. O. weighed Rosy and measured her height. Well it seems that Rosy has stretched out a bit and has lost weight. No biggie, except I have noticed that the last couple of days she hasn’t been eating very much at all. Dr. O. gave me a prescription for a lower dosage of Biphentin, and also a prescription for Adderall. She talked about Strattera as well, but she doesn’t really like that one as much. Rosy was also chewing the granules too much, so we are to put all the granules on a spoon with ice cream and she is to swallow it all.

So now it’s on to trial and error again. It seems that Rosy is getting to sleep at a better time, but her lack of appetite concerns me a little more now. I have to make an appointment with our family doctor too. I plan on giving it a couple more days, and maybe knocking off some of the granules tomorrow to see if a lower dosage still helps, and if her appetite comes back. Oh the fun of meds!

Have a good one! (Still have yet to figure out a signature for this thing….) Hope to work on that this weekend.


  1. I'm so glad your daughter is having a good time! Kids on the milder end of the spectrum are often very accepting of those with other or more profound disabilities because they don't view the world with the same social norms that we do.

  1. Chris said...:

    Thank you Apples! I have noticed that she is very accepting! I love it. I had a great uncle that had down syndrome (he lived into his 70's, which is amazing in itself), and I was brought up to be accepting of others, too. I love that she is accepting, and that will help her in the future, I'm sure.

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