Monday = Long Weekend!

Jul 29, 2011
Well, it's a long weekend! YAY! Hubby gets to stay home on Monday. Sad part is, he may have to work a little tomorrow. Oh well, it will only be a few hours if he does.

So I prayed a little and asked about the drugs that Rosy is on. I emailed the dr too. After talking to another mom, and reading the dr's email, I figured I might as well try another drug with her. We had to refill the other prescription, so why not try a new one. I, of course, would rather not to have her on drugs, but boy there is a big difference when she is on them. I can rationalize with her, and that's something I was never able to do. Today she started Adderall (10mg). She really wanted to use the Biphentin (I think she thought that she would have to swallow a pill). I opened up the Adderall pill to sprinkle the granules on something, and it turns out that the granules are really tiny (loving that). Rosy saw how small they are, and was excited. I put it on the spoon for her with a little sorbet, and she swallowed it all with no problems! The granules in the Biphentin are larger (3X more) and she always had to chase them down with a few gulps of water.

It's now 2:00pm and she has a friend over. She seems to be doing fine, so we will see how the evening goes. That has been the harder time for us. She has had some attitude, but I'm thinking that is going to be "normal" with her. I think it helps that she has a friend over too. We will have to see how she is over the weekend.

So I hope those of you that have a long weekend this weekend, have a great one!


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