Summer Vacation is Here

Jul 1, 2011
Rosy was feeling a lot better on Wednesday and was able to go to school! I'm so glad. She had a blast, and got soaking wet during the water gun fight. Oh, they had special rules for that too. The kids had to bring the guns in bags, and put them at the teacher's desk first thing. They weren't allowed to play with them in any way, until the "fight", or the gun would be taken away. Plus the janitor was the only one allowed to fill them for the kids. It seemed to go off without a hitch too. I got to the school to get the kids, and found that they were all still wet (Rosy had brought extra clothes, and a towel, thankfully, so she was dry).

So on to yesterday. Our first day off. Rosy didn't want to eat all of her sandwich, it had her medicine sprinkled on it, so she didn't get in all of her meds. I was worried about that. She spent most of the day acting like she was the only one who knew anything. Boy I hate that! Plus staying on the same subject, that has been exhausted is also very frustrating. The kids were talking about ducks and their ears, and that quickly moved on to whales (her favourite subject) and their ears. She was right on all things whales, and pour Flash was wrong. He couldn't be right, so he was dumb. I finally got it all settled, and then it was on to something else that she had to go on and on about. I'm thinking she didn't get enough meds into her, or something else was going on in her head. I'll be able to tell today, because Rosy ate her full sandwich, which means she got her meds (it would be nice if she would just swallow the pills).

Today is a new day, and so we will start fresh. Thankfully hubby is home too, as it's Canada Day! Happy Canada Day, to any Canadian readers! Don't have a lot planned at this point. Flash just asked to go see a movie (Cars 2). We will see. We are not going into Ottawa today though. I would love to get to see the royal couple in person, but it is already really crazy there, and I'm not even dressed yet. We would never get to see them close enough (easier to watch on TV).

So it's off to figure out the day. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Jules said...:

    Hi, found the blog hop today for us parents of special needs kiddos. Looking forward to hearing about your journey, I have a 15 yr old boy with Mood disorder and Aspergers, with a few other labels :)

  1. Stacie said...:

    Happy to find you... hopped over from katscafe hop. You are doing a great job here.

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