To Change Meds or Not?

Jul 17, 2011

That seems to be the question around here. We have been making sure that Rosy is taking the meds, by swallowing all the little beads within a spoonful of sorbet (healthier than ice cream). She does seem focused, but we are still having a lot of issues with her negativity and over reacting to things. She still starts to tear up when she can’t get what she wants. The problem is that Rosy is now reverting back to stamping her feet, and yelling and hitting or throwing things if she doesn’t get her way. I don’t know enough about what to do at this point. I’m still reading lots on ADHD, and getting more input (Short Circuit was the, but still not knowing exactly how to put my knowledge to good use.

Seems to remind me of my walk with God some days (actually seems like most days). I have great knowledge (doing studies and such), but how to apply what I know is what I am finding difficult. I want to raise my kids with a love for God, and an amazing walk with Him (prayer life too – which is something I have to work on), but how can I help them, when I’m still trying to figure out everything.

Dr. O. gave us a prescription for Adderall, and for a lower dosage of Biphentin. Well I tried a lower dosage of Biphentin, and it seemed that Rosy was worse after camp was done, than any of the other days. So, back to full dosage, and she was a little better. This weekend, we have found it harder, since we have been inside a lot more (can’t have the kids out for too long in the heat wave we are experiencing). Rosy has a couple days of camp this week (which is a sports camp). She enjoyed it last summer, so we will see how she does this week. I will also email the doctor and see what she suggests too. Rosy did seem to get more sleep this week (but she was kept so busy at camp, that I think she was tired), but this weekend wasn’t good. She was up till midnight last night (making it a lazy day today, since I had to be at church early to set up for media stuff – I do the powerpoint stuff during the service on a Sunday or two a month).

Any of you have any ideas? Would love feedback!

Thanks so much! Have a great week all!


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