Assessment Coming Soon!!

May 2, 2011
I'm excited, and scared at the same time. Hubby and I are going to be meeting with the psychologist and dd's counselor on Wednesday evening to get the final assessment for dd. I'm excited, because it will mean that we are that much closer to getting her the help that she needs. I'm scared, because she could easily say that nothing is for sure, and that dd will have to go through more testing, or that there is nothing wrong at all (which I doubt at this point, after all that I have read).

This past Saturday was brutal, as dd didn't want to do her homework properly. She was to write five paragraphs about ancient Egypt, and she only wrote three and a list of things. I told her that it wasn't correct, and that I would sit down and help her. Well, that's not what she wanted at all. She figured she didn't care, then she said that she would quit, and then she just fought us about everything. Hubby was getting so frustrated, and taking away things from her room (radio, special pillow, etc.) wasn't working either. I finally got her to settle down and sit down so I could talk with her (calmly talking to her over and over). I explained that we needed to work on her homework, and she finally agreed (almost an hour later). We sat down at the computer and I showed her how to do some research and we then got to work on her paragraphs. I just can't wait to get help with this kind of thing. We can only take so much! It's affecting our ds too! He was in tears, because he was worried about how everyone was being with each other (especially his sister yelling at mom and dad). Thank God we were able to get things on track again.

Better get some dinner started. I'll post again soon!


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