Hair Brushing

May 13, 2011
People with ADHD usually have some type of sensory issues as well. My lovely dd has always had a problem with tags, and things fitting "just right." It's not as bad as it used to be, but is still there. She also hates brushing her hair (but doesn't want it too short). While searching around for ADHD things, I stumbled across a site that talked about the Knot Genie. Well, I was interested, to say the least!

But would it work?? I researched it by going to a bunch of different blogs and review sites, and found nothing but good remarks. I had to order it! I came across a Canadian site that was selling it for less than the manufacturer's site, and I always want to support Canadian sites, so I ordered one on Wednesday. It arrived today! LuvMum is fast. (It is a online clothing shop for Canadian families living with tactile sensitivities)

So I'm sure you are wondering if it worked?

I opened the box right away (with my keys), and sent it on back to my dd, who was sitting in the back of the van. She brushed her hair and never said ow, and seemed to do a very nice job. We got to the store where we were picking up hubby, and I brushed her hair with it myself. She had gotten all the tangles from the day out of it!! I used it again tonight and she never said ow, or even tried to run away. In fact, she asked me to keep brushing it (which I sadly had to say no to, since it was getting close to bed time and she needed to get ready for bed). The big test is tomorrow morning, after sleeping (and tossing). I will let you know!

Ta ta for now!


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