Day Seven...

May 20, 2011
So it's not as common for girls to have ADHD. I find that interesting. I don't know why, and I'm sure the doctor's don't really know why either. Oh well, we have a beautiful little girl, who God has trusted to us. We are trying our best to raise her and of course there are tough days and great days, and so we are taking them one day at a time!

Speaking of days, it's now day seven, and there hasn't been a lot of change in my daughter. Have to check with the teachers after school today to see if they have noticed any difference. I even called the doctor's office today, and the doctor that we saw is not in until next Tuesday (Monday is a holiday here in Canada). The doctor who did answer, took down all my info and either she or our doctor will call. I'm glad about that. Maybe we will see some changes over the long weekend?

I had dd clean up her room last night, so that I could vacuum it today. She didn't want to, because she was "playing" with her polly pockets. Finally got her to, and then she decided it would be fun to pull out all her costumes and put them on (one at a time, mind you). Fun for her, but what did she do with the costumes after she was done? Leave them on the floor of course! I know, when it's out of her mind, and she is on to something else, I have to be prepared for the mess. Oh well, she gets to vacuum her room tonight then.

I have to admit my house is not the cleanest on the block, but it frustrates me on how messy dd can get. Problem is her working memory is not great (so it means constant reminders until it literally sinks in - long term memory). I think the problem is, she doesn't have enough structure, and I know I have to work on that. I know I posted about the organizational chart earlier, and I think we need to really incorporate that into her day. Thankfully it's going to be a yucky day on Monday, so I'm thinking that will be the day to work on that. Now to find the chart that will work!

Well, I'm off to have lunch with friends. If you are a reader from Canada, have a wonderful long weekend!


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