A New Day...

May 14, 2011
We started Concerta this morning for dd. She had major problems swallowing it, so I had her take a bite of banana, and then a spoon of nutella with the pill in the nutella. It worked! She has never been one for medication, even if she is feeling really sick, she would rather go without. 18mg of Concerta in, and praise the Lord, there have been no side effects! She ate lunch and dinner no problem, and even said how hungry she was. She is now in bed, and took her Melatonin first, so I'm assuming she will be asleep in no time.

Did I see any change?

I have to admit, that I didn't see a lot of change. She did kind of help me with cleaning up the rest of her room (I am hoping that with me re-arranging it, and organizing it more, she will be able to keep better care of it), but had times where I had to remind her to stay on task, as per normal. I did notice that in the afternoon she was more focused on a job that she was doing (of her own liking, so that it probably why). Oh and we went to the book store today (Chapters is the best place to go on a rainy day), and she did well there (again somewhat "normal" for her). She picked out two books about horses (her new obsession), and I got a couple of books on ADHD. One for hubby and myself, and one with worksheets in it for her to work on many things (from making friends to behaving at home). It will be interesting to see if the worksheets help her at all.

Now on to the next task! A chore chart.... I have been searching for some, and found lots, but any that we have tried with her don't seem to work. Well, I may have found something to help! I stumbled upon this site Make It Sparkly Mama from this site: ADD Student

Check out what I can do for dd!

I'm thinking that the visual plus having to move the chore from one can to another, just might help (or not). I will have to create them (with her help) and see how it goes. I hope to work on them tomorrow afternoon, since it is raining, and will post if they help or not.

Just went to check on the kids, and they are both trying to stay up late. It's now 9:00pm, and they both should have lights off (they were both reading). Lights off at 8:30pm during the week, but weekends can be a little later. DD's attitude was getting worse too (I just noticed her negative attitude wasn't as strong as normal..hmm). Hard to say if it was things going on today or the medication. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow and Monday at school.

Off to spend some time with hubby before crashing.

Ta ta for now!


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