It's Official..Now What?

May 6, 2011
Well, we met with the psychologist and the counselor and dd has been diagnosed with ADHD and PDD-NOS. Now what happens??

DD and I are going to the pediatrician next week, and she specializes in ADHD, so we will get more info there. Then we I will meet with the psychologist, counselor, teachers and principal to go over what can be done at school. I understand this is going to be a long process, but I'm looking forward to getting things going. A friend said that I might get upset that this has happened (that dd has been diagnosed with something), but I'm not feeling that at all. Maybe because we have been dealing with this for a long time..who knows?

I got some more info on PDD-NOS, and will have to post more on the symptoms too. I think my previous post on them was a little long and convoluted.

At the meeting we learned some interesting things too. One major thing is the fact that dd has trouble at times remembering how things happened. She will remember parts of what happened, but it may be in the wrong order, or it may have things added to it that didn't actually happen. Makes it interesting to figure out if she is lying or if she is telling what she remembers. I know there are times that she is really lying, and that's so she won't get in trouble, but there are other times where I'm going to really have to evaluate things. I'll give a quick example, as this may help. DD was taking the cat, Shadow, out on the back deck (she is an indoor cat), and I had her bring the cat back in (it was starting to rain too) twice. She didn't go far on the deck, just a couple of feet away from the door. About 20 min later dd was playing a game with her brother, and she told him that she had taken the cat out and had her all the way down the stairs, and that the cat got spooked, because of getting dripped on, and that she (dd) had to chase Shadow back up the stairs and into the house (I don't have the exact rendition, but it was pretty elaborate). I let it slide, and I'm glad I did, because I now know that, that story may be what she "remembered," even though it didn't happen. Funny how our brains work!

Anyway I'm off to bed. I have a mother-daughter date with my dd to get make-overs at the Shopper's near by. Looking forward to that!


  1. Kira said...:

    The memory / remembering thing is true of aspergers too..and I must say it's ONE of the most difficult challenges to deal with on an ongoing basis. We've learned the face Ethan makes when he's REALLY lying (it's funny cause he's really a horrible's written on his face and just gives him away)..opposed to when he's telling a story and what he recounts happens (which msot of the time isn't what the rest of us saw). It makes it difficult when it comes to sibling issues (per the article I posted) as they can do something to their sibling and totally deny they did it because in they memory that's not how it happened(ie..touching, annoying, getting in personal space..ect).
    So glad they talked to you about it (alot of the the drs don't even mention this aspect...). Sounds like you've been doing a reserch and getting a ton of information...DD is a lucky girl to have parents who want the best for her!

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