Leave Her At School?

May 17, 2011
Well, I'm thinking the Concerta is out now, I would think that after four days I would see an improvement of some sort. Nope, in fact she was really bad after school. We got home and she had to go to the bathroom, and so did ds. She went in first and he said that he would wait, well she told him no, he should go upstairs to use the bathroom (which he could have, but he chose to wait). Well, she leaves the bathroom and proceeds to lock the door on the way out! Wow, something I never would have thought of!

Then came the fun of telling her to sit on the bottom step for a time out, in which she told me no, and to get out of her room. I took her necklace that was on her bedside table, and she proceeded to scream and then she pushed at me and hit me (and Children's Aid wonders why I would spank my daughter...). I walked away down the stairs and told her to sit on the bottom step, which she finally did. She wasn't quiet though, and decided it was the best time to talk about her problems at school. A girl asking her to swear, and another one calling her an a**hole. Oh boy, and how am I to deal with this?? Leave her at school, comes to mind!!

I'm thinking I better call the dr and see what she has to say. I want to know how long it will take before we can see some type of difference.

Speaking of doctors, I've been told that I should take her to a chiropractor. I don't know. More research to do!

Off to do that now!


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