Movie night

May 21, 2011
A wonderful day outside and in! Had the normal issues with my daughter, but took it in stride today.

Started with laundry time! Asking her to put her laundry away, is like pulling teeth. She tried to fight me, and I told her that I would take away her radio. She said that life in this house was unfair, and I reminded her about her friend visiting today (a family that lives close by that we get together when we can, and their daughter is also ADHD, and has the same name as dd). She worked on her laundry and got it away.

I wanted her to take her meds, and she said she wouldn't, and then said no. I came downstairs and tried to figure out a way to hide her pill in something, and couldn't figure something out (hubby bought very green banana's, so not a good thing). Hubby then walked in the door and when I asked him, he suggested the Dare Real Fruit Gummies. I had dd come down, and I think because hubby was there she tried the gummie. It worked! Yay, something else to use!

Then it was on to cleaning the house. I asked dd to vacuum her room, and she told me that I needed to find a radio station first (she wanted to listen to Adventure's in Odysey), and I told her that I would after she vacuumed. She tried to fight for just a couple of minutes, and then finally took the vacuum. That was easy!

Cleaning up the bunny cage was next, and I was half done by the time she came downstairs (after hubby having to start counting), not so good, but she finally worked on it.

I then asked her the dreaded question! Would you please have a shower? She kept saying that she wouldn't but shortly after I asked her, and reminded her that she needed to, for her visitor, and low and behold she took her shower.

Interesting thing to happen, was having the doctor calling today! A Saturday?? WOW! I'm impressed. I had called on Friday to mention the lack of change, and she was away. She called today and okayed us upping the meds to 36mg from 27mg. We will start that tomorrow, and then I will call her on Tuesday and get a prescription filled for the 36mg, as we only have enough 18mg pills for 8 days and that will take us to next weekend. Still very impressed that she called!

Then on to movie night. The kids watched part of a movie, and we then had dinner. The kids went off to watch another movie (they didn't finish the other one at all), and the adults watched a movie (Inception). All in all a great day!


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