New Drug… New Name

May 31, 2011

I was beginning to think that using dd (dear daughter) was too impersonal. I don’t really want to use her name either (at this point). So I think I will use Rosy for her name. I have to figure out a nickname for my son and hubby too then, I guess, but this post will be about her so I will have time to figure some

Rosy started a new drug called Biphentin yesterday. It is in a pink and white capsule that I can pull apart and pour onto food. Yesterday it was ice cream! I know, ice cream for breakfast? The cold numbs the tongue and I knew she would eat it all. Now to figure out something healthy to put it on! Today will be ice cream again, and just a small amount again.

The question of the day…Does it work?? Well, I’m not going to say yes right away! I did that with the Concerta, and we know that it didn’t work after all. I told the doctor about her staying up till 10pm one night and then 11pm the next, and she said that Rosy should go on something else, as it is keeping her up way too late. I completely agreed! I need sleep too, and can’t when I know that one of the kids is awake.

I do think that it may be working, as she had her best day ever at school! The teacher wrote in her agenda, “She had an awesome day! She worked so hard today. I am proud of her.” YAY! I’m so happy for my little girl! She seemed to be a little different after school too. I just haven’t figured out if it is a good different or just different. I know it will take a couple of days to see how it works for her.

So it’s on to day two, and we will see how she does. I will be going in after school to talk with the teacher too, just to see if she notices a difference or not. The fun part is, that she has two teachers (one for A days and one for B), so I will have to talk to the teacher that taught her yesterday, tomorrow. It gets a little crazy, but it has worked well for them. I like both teachers and they have worked hard with me to help Rosy to do her best.

Since I’m up in great time this morning, I figured I would get this post up. Now it’s time for me to start getting ready for the day. Have a great day!


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