Doctor Appointment/School Meeting

May 13, 2011
We had the doctor's appointment on Tuesday. She said that dd, has ADHD there is no doubt. DD was all over the office (classic It was a good meeting, and dd was very good throughout the whole thing (considering she was an hour behind, which she apologized a few times about). The doctor mentioned that dd may not be PDD-NOS, as the symptoms are similar to ADHD, so after taking the medicine, she may just stop showing signs of PDD-NOS (I'm not sure about that one yet). She prescribed Concerta, which we will start tomorrow. I'm praying that dd doesn't have any side effects from it, and that it works, as I would rather not have to go through many drugs (even though I am prepared to do so). It will be interesting to see, that's for sure.

We then had a meeting the next night at the school. The LRC, teachers, principal, counselor, psychologist, and the CAS worker were all present. It was a great meeting, and the school is doing their best to help dd in any way that they can. The psychologist had some great ideas for them, and I look forward to seeing how she does. They will be starting an IEP for her as well! Yay! The kids were in the computer lab for the hour and a half meeting and did really well. I was surprised when we went to get them, as they were sitting right beside each other (I thought they would be sitting in different parts of the room).

All in all, a great week. It ended on a high note too! DD came home today and she was so excited because she got to get a sticker and recognized over the PA for getting perfect on her math test yesterday! I'm sure it boosted her ego a bit!

Well, off to get some ice cream for the kids.

Ta ta for now!


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