Day Four...

May 17, 2011
Well on to day four of Concerta. DD is still having problems taking the pill. Tried a trick with her that I read about getting her to practice with tic tacs, and that was working, I thought. She could swallow the tic tacs, but not the pill. Do I enjoy a pill being spit out in my hand? Not so much! Finally got it down with banana (healthy choice). Oh and we upped the dose to 27mg.

Have I noticed a difference? Not really. I have noticed that she gets really crazy before bed..oh that's right, she did that before! Hmmm...

She doesn't show any side effects, and that's a great thing, and something I prayed about. Thank you Lord! Guess I will find out today after school, if there is any change. I found out they are charting her behaviors with her, and she really enjoys that! Oh darn, that reminds me, I need to get some ice cream sandwiches for them to give to her as a treat if she gets eight checks on her chart. She gets rewards right away (15 min of extra computer time and stuff). DD didn't bug the boys as much yesterday, so that is a huge plus.

We didn't get to the organizational chart or popsicle stick things like I had hoped to on the weekend, so I can't tell you about that. Hubby thinks the popsicle stick idea wouldn't work, cause she would want to play with them instead. I think he might be right. So on to the next idea...don't know what that is yet.

Well, I better get some lunch in me, since I am behind a little. Been reading some great blogs today. Have a wonderful day!


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